What is the Electoral College?

The Electoral College is made up of electors from each state. The number of electors a state has is determined by the total number of senators and representatives it has in Congress. Most states require that its electoral votes go to the winning canidate.

History of the Electoral College

The Electoral College dates back all the way to when the Constitution was drafted. The Founding Fathers created it as a compromise between Congress voting for the president and the president being elected by the people. However, that does not mean all the Founding Fathers were in favor of an electoral college system. For example, James Madison called the electoral college "a shoddy piece of work".

Pros of the Electoral College

One of the reasons people support the Electoral College is because it benefits their party. In fact, in recent years, the Electoral College has benefited the Republican party. Another reason many people want to keep the Electoral College is because they feel that the country should do what the Founding Fathers wanted.

Cons of the Electoral College

One of the negatives of the Electoral College is that it may ignore the will of the people. For example, in 2016, Hillary Clinton received two million more votes than Donald Trump did. However, because she did not get enough electoral votes, she lost the presidency. Another con of the Electoral College is that it can magnify the amount by which a president wins the election, which creates an illusion that the president is more popular than he/she really is.

Should the Electoral College be reformed, abolished, or kept the same?